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Manuela Emmer,

born and raised 1971 in Germany by immigrant Turkish parents, Manuela used the unique dual cultural influences she was exposed to, to reflect issues of identity and belonging.  Her keen interest in human behavior and the multifaceted sense of belonging, especially when exploring the commonalities and differences found in living among locals as a second-generation child of foreign-born parents, only intensified after being exposed to new cultures in Asia and the Middle East for the past 20 years. 

In 2002, Manuela embarked on her expatriate life with her family, starting in the Philippines, followed by Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Today, Manuela is based in Oman and is more than ever drawn to intercultural differences, the beauty of mixed societies and the challenges of being different. She uses photography as her very personal medium to convey her sincere passion for observing humans and telling their stories to her audience.  Her images identify and capture people’s unique personal human characteristics, utilizing portraits to showcase them going about their daily lives. 

As a professional photographer, Manuela strives to work in the field of NGOs and charity organizations. She has been working with global organizations like Operation Smile, US and others, who would commission Manuela to document their direct approaches in health care, education and livelihood circumstances on their social missions, thus illustrating the impact of their work through her images and photographic work.




EMPATHY is my life-compass.

I want my images to reflect the purest human condition, always searching for the story behind the first perception we might have.

I am passionate about create impactful yet respectful images of all facets of life.


Strong images are a powerful tool to change views and opinions about the unknown.


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Andrew James

Business Development Manager Sydney, Australia

Manuela is a wonderful photographer.

The images she captures often provide a unique insight into scenes and events. She is genuinely fascinated about people's cultures and seems to be able to capture this through her lens.

If you were to go through her portfolio of photography you would see her cultural fascination and sensitivity in the images and her stories which accompany them.  


Nathalie Gillet

Content Strategist - Host of ´Emirati Stories’ podcast

United Arab Emirates

When I first saw one of Manuela's business portraits on LinkedIn, I was stunned by the quality, the powerful expression on the person's face - spent twice the time I usually spend on a profile.

After looking at her website I quickly decided that I had to have my own Manuela Emmer portrait :) She was very professional and also fun to work with. Great experience 


Daniel Huges

hief Operating Officer - North Queensland at ExperienceCo

Standing in front of a camera doesn't come naturally to most people.

To get consistently great photos you need to be talented in not just photography, but also have a high level of interpersonal skills and cultural awareness.

Manuela is the full package. we have used Manuela to provide all our photographic requirements for company brochures, profiles and our website.

I won't go to anyone else.


Sara Elgohary

Professional Singer | Composer  

VO Artist | Content Producer

Take a look at my LinkedIn headshot, that's Manuela. Not only is Manuela an exceptional photographer, also so much fun to work with. I am not a model and so I did not know how to act in front of the lense, but thanks to Manuela's talent and expertise she was able to stir emotions in me I never knew existed. What makes her unique is that she relies completely on natural beauty, she simply brings out the best in people and things. A gifted person like Manuela has every right to be stuck-up but she stays grounded no matter how high she climbs the ladder of success. A phenomenal photographer who is humble, funny, genuine and absolutely a pleasure to be around. Can't wait for my next shoot with Manuela.


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Thank you !

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